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Past Papers

Working through examination papers from previous years is a great way to get a feel of the types of questions examiners like to ask. Each year questions are set on similar topics so it is worth going through several past papers to see which topics you need to revise most.

AQA Past Papers

Module 1 - Computer Systems, Programming and Network Concepts

Module 2 - Principles of Hardware, Software and Application

Module 3 - AS Level Coursework
Please see the Coursework Guide.

Module 4 - Processing and Programming Techniques

Module 5 - Advanced Systems Development

Module 6 - A2 Level Coursework
Please see the Coursework Guide.


Welcome to where you can find free resources and revision material for AS Level and A2 Level Computing courses.

We have topic explanations, a coursework guide, past papers and even a forum where you can get help with your coursework or ask questions about topics you don’t understand.

This site was designed around the AQA Computing syllabus but much of the material can apply for other exam boards.